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The Goddesses and Exceptional Women Series

The Goddess and Exceptional Women Series evolved from my previous project, Anima/Persona. The Anima / Persona series began as an exploration of the persona (external projection of self) and the anima (inner soul). These digital collage portraits of women were influenced in part by Symbolist paintings. As a young art student, I was fascinated by the symbolist and Decadent paintings. In these images I admired the reaction against the mundane, the banal, and bourgeoisie normalcy of the late 19th century. I later learned that many of these artists worked from misogynist fears stemming from their discovery that the Victorian notion that women did not have a sexual nature was untrue, and of their fear of the nascent women’s movement for equality. The elements of the Symbolist work that I found of interest were their reaction against the mundane, the banal, and bourgeoisie normalcy of the late 19th century.


In this series I am using vintage photographic portraits of women. I transform each individual with digital collage into a particular mythological goddess or as women who have made a significant contribution to society. Disturbed and concerned by the regressive and repressive attitudes towards women found in current in political and religious groups today, I am moved to create images of women who can wield power (in positive or sometimes in negative behaviors). I am expressing the creative, intellectual, power, exotic, spiritual, and esoteric qualities of women. It is my small way of fighting back.

Murasaki Shikibualternativeflat.jpg
Dorothea dix2flat.jpg
bronte sissters3semiflat.jpg
fournet8 copy.jpg
Rosalind Franklin FINALflat2.jpg
Zorya Vechernyaya.jpg
marie curie2flat.jpg
fournet7 copy.jpg
Katerine Johnson (original 5flat).jpg
fournet11 copy.jpg
fournet12 copy.jpg
fournet14 copy.jpg
fournet3 copy.jpg
fournet16 copy.jpg
fournet5 copy.jpg
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